Guideline for presenters (including detailed program)

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Oral Presentation 
1. Official Language is English; no other languages will be allowed.
2. The length of presentation time for each presenter is different according to the session. (15~40 mins.) Each presentation time includes Q&A.
3. Presentation with computer
 - The presentation materials should be in Microsoft PowerPoint or Portal Document Format (PDF) file type to avoid technical problems.
 - In case of using a personal Apple computer, be sure to bring a VGA adaptor and test it before the session starts, during the break time at the meeting room. Technical staff will assist you.
4. Submission of your presentation materials
 - You should arrive at Preview room (Room 334) and submit the presentation materials at least 2hours prior to your session begins.
 - If you are going to use your own laptop, please inform to the staff.

Poster Presentation
1. The official language is English; no other languages will be allowed for the presentation.
2. Each poster should include the title (preferably at the top), as well as the names and affiliations of the authors
3. Posters must not exceed the following dimensions (A0 Size): 841mm (w) x 1189 mm (h)
4. Poster Set-up Schedule
 - Mounting: August 20, 08:00~08:30
 - Dismounting: August 23, 20:00~20:30
 - Poster Session Presentation Time  
   Poster Session 1     August 21 (Tue), 18:45~19:45  
   Poster Session 2     August 23 (Thu), 18:45~19:45
*Presenters should be present at their poster area for discussion on your research at the designated presentation time.
*Please note that all posters that have not been removed by noticed dismounting time on each day will be automatically taken down and discarded.

Please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat for further question (

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