• Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh

    Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh

    Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

    Title"The good or bad?" What helminths are teaching us

  • Prof. Alan F. Cowman

    Prof. Alan F. Cowman

    The Walter and Eliza Hall institute of Medical Research, Australia

    TitleInfection and development of malaria parasites in human erythrocytes and potential vaccine candidates

  • Emeritus Prof. Jong-Yil Chai

    Emeritus Prof. Jong-Yil Chai

    Seoul National University, Korea

    TitleFoodborne helminthiases: Status and issues

  • Dr. Patricia J. Johnson

    Dr. Patricia J. Johnson

    University of California, USA

    TitleTrogocytosis: A novel mechanism neutrophils use to kill a large, motile extracellular parasite

  • Prof. Tomoyoshi Nozaki

    Prof. Tomoyoshi Nozaki

    The University of Tokyo, Japan

    TitleProtein and lipid trafficking in the pathogenesis of Entamoeba histolytica

  • Prof. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

    Prof. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA

    TitleThe fibrinolytic system is essential for Plasmodium infection of its mosquito vector and its mammalian host

  • Prof. Keeseon S. Eom

    Prof. Keeseon S. Eom

    Chungbuk National University School of Medicine, Korea

    TitleCysticercosis and taeniasis with a historical review on Taenia asiatica

  • Prof. Margaret Gyapong

    Prof. Margaret Gyapong

    University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana

    TitleUnderstanding the context complexities in some Lymphatic Filariasis hotspot districts in Ghana

  • Dr. Carlos Lanusse

    Dr. Carlos Lanusse

    National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, Argentina

    TitlePharmacology of anthelmintic drugs: Challenges to optimize parasite control in resistant populations

  • Prof. Rebecca J. Traub

    Prof. Rebecca J. Traub

    University of Melbourne, Australia

    TitleEmerging canine zoonoses in Australasia: Challenging the dogmas

  • Prof. Dwight D. Bowman

    Prof. Dwight D. Bowman

    Cornell University, USA

    TitleToxocara, the most common helminth parasite of humans on the planet…. Do we care?

  • Prof. Simonetta Mattiucci

    Prof. Simonetta Mattiucci

    Sapienza-University of Rome
    University Hospital Policlinico Umberto I

    TitleAnisakis and Anisakiasis: Facts and trends

  • Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou

    Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou

    Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China

    TitleDriving force for schistosomiasis elimination in China

  • Prof. Banchob Sripa

    Prof. Banchob Sripa

    Khon Kaen University, Thailand

    TitleAdvances in Asian liver flukes: From bench to community

  • Prof. Marcel Tanner

    Prof. Marcel Tanner

    Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Swiss

    TitleGlobal health challenges and the elimination of parasitic diseases: Chances or contradictions?!

  • Prof. Alan Fenwick

    Prof. Alan Fenwick

    Imperial College, UK

    TitleTowards the elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases